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Core Competencies

MBA Program, MBA (On-the-Job Training Program), PhD Program

Humanity (Students should have the ability to develop and establish relationships with fellow classmates, to cooperate with others, to handle conflicts, to be active and have initiative spirit, and also to be honest and responsible.)

Virtues (Students should have positive and correct ethic values, have a caring heart for others, and have moral business ethic values with International outlook .)

Information Literacy (Students are expected to have skillful abilities in computer and internet applications.  In addition, objective views are taken when they are asked to evaluate issues.)

Civic Responsibility (Students should have a vigorous attitude in engaging in public affairs and hold interest in how the society and the world change.)


Problem Solving Ability (Think Independently, dig problems, analyze and problem solving ability.)

Innovation (Students should be creative and innovative.  In detail, they are expected to set personal goals, strategies, and plans in order to achieve personal success.)

Communication Skills (Students should have humanity awareness, excellence in leadership and cooperation, and good communication skills.)

English Ability (Students should have outstanding English reading, writing, and listening abilities and be fluent in speaking.)

Research Ability (Through the training of courses such as Research Methods and Research Seminars, PhD students are expected to have the ability to work in groups yet be able to think critically when working independent too.  MBA students should also be able to state and solve problems when doing research.)

International Exchange (The Institute provides International exchanges by holding seminars and lectures which will strengthen the students’ International view.)

In addition to cultivating the students' basic literacy and core competencies, our institute put different emphasis on the relevant courses for each program:
In MBA Program, we particularly pay attention to the professional development of the basic management subjects and the enhancement of analysis capability.
In MBA On-the-Job Training Program, the application of management expertise is emphasized. Additionally, the decision-making ability when facing complex issues is essential.
In PhD Program, it concentrates on theoretical application and ability to publish thesis on journals.
Through our course design, it is hoped that we can create the best learning experience and achievements for the students.