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The Institute of Business and Management, originally named Institute of Management Science, was founded in August, 1970 in the Hsinchu main campus with the objective of training management experts to meet both academic and practical needs. To facilitate cooperation with business and government organizations, the Institute moved to the Taipei campus in 1979. The location is particularly convenient for business and government part-time students.

The institute offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and a doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Every graduate student in addition to his/her solid course work must write a doctoral dissertation or a master thesis and pass the oral examination to earn the degree. In addition, two published journal papers are required to earn a PhD degree.

The main research areas of the institute include decision science, finance, human resource management, information management, management of technology, marketing, organizational behavior, and production management. Interdisciplinary studies are strongly encouraged. Both theory and practices receive attention.

The Institute has established good relationships with government organizations and private companies for decades through cooperation projects. A non-degree extension program in business and management is offered for students seeking for reeducation.

After completing integration with Department of Management Science in July, 1999, the institute has possessed more teaching and research resources.

The total number of graduate students, with diverse background, in 2000 is 193 (55 in the PhD program and 138 in the MBA program).