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                                 Course System for the Master Program at IBM, NCTU
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jan. 15, 2020
I. Prerequisite Courses
  Economics, Accounting, Statistics
II. Core Courses
Required Courses Marketing Management, Financial Management, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation Management
Methodology Courses Research Methods, Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Performance AssessmentGame Theory, Statistical Methods and Data Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Empirical Industrial Organization, Consumer Decision Science, Qualitative Research Methods (Must take at least one course from the above.)
Seminar Courses Seminar on Business & Management, Lectures on Business Practices, Individual Study
III. Area-specific Courses
Required Courses Elective Courses
Business Strategy Strategic Management Game Theory, Strategic and Technology, Economic Analysis of Law,  Financial and Economic Laws, Global Technology Strategy, Benchmarking Projects in Management, Analysis of Management Cases, Global Markets, National Politics and Industrial Competitive Strategies, Network Strategies: Method and Application, Management Special Topics: Decision-making, Execution, Change & Leadership, Business Management and CSR, Empirical Industrial Organization, Principles of Management, Contract and Negotiation, International Business, Global Business Management
Organization & Human Resource Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Leadership, Organizational Change, Habitual Domains and Decision Making,  Selected Topics on Management Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility, Career Development, Analysis of Management Cases, Organization and Human Resources Management, Organization Design and Management, Strategic Change Management, Strategic Human Resource Management
Marketing Marketing Management Consumer Decision Science, Consumer Behavior Theories & Practices,  Integrated Marketing Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication, Leisure Industry Marketing, Service Industry Management, Modern Marketing Perspective, Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications, Product & Service Design in Subsistence Marketplaces
Finance Financial Management Financial Econometrics, Capital Project Evaluation, China Economy Studies, Economics: one way we see the world, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Economics
Technology and Information Technology and Innovation Management Information Management, Electronic Commerce, Machine Learning and Business Applications, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Technology Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Management, Technology Management, Science & Technology Industry Analysis, Fin Tech, Industrial Innovation and Transformation Strategy, Customer-Driven Entrepreneurship Strategy, Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence 
Operation and Decision Science Production and Operations Management Performance Assessment, Game Theory, Special Topics in Statistical Software, Consumer Decision Science, Structural Equation Modeling, Hierarchical Linear Models, Balanced Scorecard and Management Practice, Growth Modeling

Courses marked in gray: PhD Professional Courses
Master students may take PhD Professional Courses, which can be counted as graduation credits.